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tonight on "world news," hitting home. families forced to scale back because of another record jump in gas prices. but we found different prices in the same town. how do you get the best deal? tip of the spear. gadhafi attacks his people again and our reporter is driving forward with the rebels as far as they dare to go. abc news exclusive, the odd couple. why ben affleck and cindy mccain are joining forces. women's health. news about an easy way for a lot of women to feel better fast.
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and what these elephants are doing we never dreamed they could do. good evening, and we begin with the skyrocketing price of gasoline hitting home with so many american families coast to coast tonight. the average cost of a gallon rising today to $3.52. a new record for this time of year, a jump of 39 cents in the past four weeks during all that unrest in libya but as we said steve osunsami found wildly different prices in the same towns, so why is this happening and how do you find the best deal, steve joins us from atlanta. steve, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, diane. we did a little comparison shopping today and at current prices, two gallons of gas is roughly the same cost as this t-bone, the gas it takes to get you to the steak house is now
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more than the beef. outside chicago, autumn says it's unreal. in the past two weeks she's watched gas jump up 45 cents a gallon and she nearly fell over when it cost her $64 to fill up. today we went with her as she and her children made all of their trips in one drive spending as little time on the road as possible. >> i was really shocked when it didn't stop till 68.04. >> reporter: outside atlanta when they do go shopping mark and lisa mcintire told us they buy much more in bulk and drive to the store slowly to help save on gas. >> you got to drive a little slower sometimes too. >> reporter: really? >> of course. you save. >> reporter: you do this? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: the average cost is 3.52. just 2.35 of that buys the oil and 35 cents to refining it. 31 cents pays for distribution and marketing and 46 cents goes to uncle sam. we were surprised to see how
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wildly prices change from station to station. in west covina, california, this mobil station was selling it at 4.89. across the street this shell station was nearly a dollar cheaper. >> notice right across the street it's about a dollar difference. i had to come over and take advantage of the dollar difference. >> reporter: we went in and asked the manager at the more expensive station why his gas was so special and he wouldn't explain why. the experts say that now more than ever it pays to shop around. >> it certainly does. when prices are rising some stations are already raised their stations and some are a little slower to raise their price so it certainly can pay off very much so. >> reporter: there's an app for that that leads to you the cheapest gas at and traffic to the site is through the roof. they say to avoid gas stations near highways or in wealthy neighborhoods. they usually charge more. they also say it's usually better to buy your gas at the beginning of the week or at
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discount stores or locally owned stores because their gas, diane, is cheaper. >> big difference in one town. thank you, steve. as we said the unrest across the middle east is part of the reason for the rising prices. so what happened to america's quest for energy independence? where does it stand and what would it take for us to drive prices down? we asked bianna golodryga to find out. >> reporter: every u.s. president for the last 40 years has issued the same ultimatum. >> we will finally end our dependence on oil from the middle ice. >> and america's accepted dependence on foreign oil. >> reporter: so how much have we cut our dependence on foreign oil? turns out we haven't. in fact, we rely even more on it. in 1973 the u.s. produced 64% of all the oil it consumed while importing the rest from foreign sources. half of that prosecutor opec. in 2010, 61% of the oil we consume came from overseas, while our piece of the pie shrank to less than 40%.
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almost ten years after 9/11 and a rededication to reducing oil imports, still no change. >> political will is the main thing that's keeping us from relying less on foreign oil. we can't change things overnight. we need to bring down the cost of alternatives and push them into the economy but in we don't get started now we'll never get there. >> reporter: advancements in technology have inchristed american production but not nearly enough to reduce oil imports. >> the increase in u.s. production is a positive sign. it can't close the gap all by itself. >> reporter: on the k-dash side hybrid and electric cars are a viable alternative to their gas guzzling counterparts but represent less than 3% of the market. in order to make a significant depth in the demand and therefore reduce gas price, those cars would have to make up 20% of the market. >> not there yet so is there anything we can all do to bring the price down? >> diane, two simple word, lifestyle adjustment. if you look at the what is time
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we saw a huge spike in 2008 americans cut back driving by 3.8 billion miles. that eventually brought down the gas of price of gas by 44% and eventually, though, this took over a year, not months or weeks here. it will be a lot longer. >> don't expect immediate results even if you scale back. >> no. >> thank you bianna. now some survivor stories from this weekend of weather. the month of march hurling thunderbolts in the final weeks of winter. a 24-hour show of case of severe storms of all kinds. from a country soaked, snowed in and storm ravaged. first a tape of a tornado at the moment of impact in southern louisiana. on a store surveillance camera capturing all the angles, 135-mile-per-hour winds ripping over the front door and another look at the customers who had just seconds to run for their lives. across country in water-logged
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new jersey survival meant climbing down a ladder in the middle of the night for several families. all day the rains mixed with melting snow. unexpected flash floods. >> just a river, a river flowing down. >> reporter: and in other parts of the country fresh snow. as much as 30 inches faulk in parts of vermont. so much snow there's only one thing to take the chill out of the images, knowing that spring is just two weeks away. and mother nature flexed her muscle in an entirely different way on hawaii's big island. a jaw-dropping lava spectacular from the kilauea volcano, the 1i7kle most visited volcano in the world. hawaii's most popular tourist destination. spewing 65 feet into the air. the biggest eruption in nearly 30 years. and we mentioned that unrest in libya and today president obama fired another warning shot at colonel moammar gadhafi calling the violence against the libyan people unacceptable and
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also today nato launched a 24/7 surveillance program off the coast of libya. while on the ground, our lama hasan was traveling from benghazi toward the stronghold of tripoli shoulder to shoulder with the rebels going as far as they dared. >> reporter: we head out for the front line of this war where the fight is raging between gadhafi and the rebels. a 220-mile journey by car across the desert hugging the coast mile after mile passing through towns now firmly in control of the rebels. passing checkpoints, rebels armed with guns. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: so that is where we are going. we continue west. the batting getting closer. we pass pickup trucks packed with new rebel recruits, armed with machine guns and determination.
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we see where they eat and sleep. i'll stay in the back of this car until gadhafi leave, he told us. we all will. we edge closer to the key oil city of ras lanuf, now the tip of the spear in the fight to bring down gadhafi. the battle is close. the charred evidence of fresh fighting is everywhere as is the thud of artillery fire. this is where the fighters are gathering right now. this is the furthest west that we're able to go. just 30 miles west from where we are standing right here, there's a big battle in a place called bin jawad. that is just up ahead where gadhafi's forces attacked today using their advantage, fighter jets to pound the rebels stopping their march towards gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli for now. and for gnaw it is as far as we can go too.
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lama hasan, abc news, ras lanuf, libya. and we turn next to an abc news exclusive. in the history of unlikely alliances, this one ranks pretty high. a famous liberal democrat, a hollywood actor teaming up with the wife of a conservative republican presidential candidate? so what is the common cause that brought an odd couple together? jake tapper has the story. >> reporter: earlier this year cindy mccain a philanthropist and wife of 2008 republican presidential nominee senator john mccain got a phone call from ben affleck. >> it is an odd couple relationship, i had other people say to me. >> reporter: affleck who campaigned for barack obama and john kerry, the star of films like "the town," "armageddon" and "daredevil." >> i didn't believe it was him, of course. >> reporter: even more surprisingly perhaps affleck was
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calling because he was seeking her help in a part of the world largely ignored by the u.s. the congo. cindy, i need a real moment of straight talk from you. when this hollywood actor calls you, you must have been a little skeptical. >> yeah, i was. quite frankly because i'll be very honest with you, my past experiences with other folks in the same perhaps arena have not been good. >> reporter: but affleck's work in the congo is something of a mission. >> you look at a place where 3 million died over the last 15 years and it's a humanitarian catastrophe. >> reporter: he took her to eastern congo where her skepticism vanished and visited the local organizations that get funding from the nonprofit affleck set up last year, the eastern congo initiative. one of the most moving stories they heard that of christine whom they meet at heal africa, a hospital that receives grants from affleck's group. kidnapped by a militia at 14, christine was raped, part of congo's epidemic of sexual
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violence. she got pregnant. she had complications. heal africa took her in and seven surgeries later she's back in school and helping other young girls. she wants to be a lawyer. >> she's a great, inspiring, you know, beautiful young woman and she's an important example. >> you talk to her. she has a glow about her. i'm not so sure i would have a glow about me if i'd been -- had the kind of life that she had. >> people are dying and have been for a long time. i don't know that i can make any more argument about why you should pay attention to this. at a certain point, you know, it just seems morally self-evident. >> reporter: diane, tomorrow affleck will testify before congress. there he will call for president obama to appoint a special representative to help that region, help that country strategize on how to rebuild. >> all right, jake and i know you'll have a lot more on
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"nightline" tonight about this unusual team and the work they hope to achieve. it's on "nightline" and also for more of the journey through the congo. still ahead on "world news" -- a new study on women's health. something to help with the hot flashes. and our made in america series. we ask people to take off the clothing they're wearing that is made in america. let's see what happens. amazing elephants. they do something we never dreamed they could do. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. here's one story. my name is jose. i'm from california and i'm a messenger and deliver all over the place. so there's times i'm just climbing in and out of the van, feel your hands hurting, you feel your back hurting. i used to take tylenol. i switched to advil. been using it ever since.
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now we have news about women's health and the struggle it can be to struggle with hot flashes, sleeplessness during menopause. linsey davis has the results of a brand-new study about real help and it's not a pill. >> reporter: the simms are legendary. >> the worst part is parking up in a pool of water. >> suddenly you're very warm and you think the thermostat went up inside your body. >> reporter: most women are faced with rather limited option, take lots of pills, hormone replacement therapy, herbal remedies or simply toughing it out, which is why today's study is creating such a sensation. the study concluded that acupuncture which treats patients by inserting and manipulating needles in the body curbs the severity of hot
6:47 pm
flashes and eases the stress that causes it. the authors base their findings on 53 postmenopausal women. all of the women measured their symptoms using a five-point scale before and after the treatment. 27 of the women received traditional chinese acupuncture twice a week for ten weeks. the rest thought they were given acupuncture but the needles didn't actually penetrate the skin. the result, the women who got the real acupuncture reported unmistakable relief, significant drops in the severity of their hot flashes. researchers suggest the needles trigger the release of endorphins which may help stabilize the body's temperature. >> it is significant because it gives them an option. more or less or hormone replacement therapy or hearnal therapies or nothing and they can use this singularly or added to other therapies that they're using with good effect. >> reporter: so you did acupuncture. how did that work for you? >> it worked very well. it was like a meral. >> reporter: your heat flashes
6:48 pm
weren't as bad? >> no. >> reporter: if they were a ten before what number would you giver them after? >> three. >> reporter: the 2,000-year-old chinese tradition is already being used to treat other ailments often related to pain. for instance, a study by the national institutes of health found that in just seven weeks, 60% of patients with chronic lower back pain said they felt better. and at the renowned mayo clinic, acupuncture is now part of the standard of care for all patients in the joint replacement center. interestingly, they're now doing their own trial looking at acupuncture for hot flashes and, diane, that's certain to get a lot of people's attention. >> having symptoms go from ten down to three and you said no pool of sweat in the middle of the night even. does it hurt? >> i got one of the needles right here in my hand. i was ready to be all squeamish and surprisingly not at all. >> not at all, well, again, the eastern art revived and it could really help. thank you. just ahead, our made in america quiz.
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is going to resume this week answering the specific question you asked, which american purchases could really create american jobs? last week you met the useries who were surprised after we emptied their home of everything foreign made and then filled it back up with 100% american products. >> i'm ready to take the made in america challenge. >> reporter: afterwards thousands wrote you to say it was a wake-up call for you too as you began turning things upside down in your homes. a texas mom and her beloved houston astros. >> nothing from the states let alone texas or houston. >> reporter: miss connelly's kindergarten classroom in south carolina. >> that usa was made in the usa? >> all: no. >> no. >> reporter: so tonight we start the week by asking you to take a kind of quiz. here's what happened when we asked some people on the street to take off everything not made in america. >> made in china. >> made in china. >> brazil.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: take it off up to a point. can you guess on average what percent of clothes we all wear that are made overseas? which ones would actually create the most american jobs? and which would not? as we said this week we'll tell you what the experts say about the best places to spend money to create american jobs. and we've got another quiz for you online. here it is. are you ready. do you know which item in your kitchen might power up jobs right away? and a question about your car. go on and take the quiz at and we also have word tonight that the actor charlie sheen so much in the headlines these past weeks for erratic behavior, he was suspended, now he has been fired from tv's number one hit comedy "two and a half men" effective immediately and sheen who starred on the show these past eight years called the development "very good news." he is still talking about suing. and coming up, what do the
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because women move the world. and finally tonight we've all suspected that elephants are a lot smarter they we can grasp
6:57 pm
but nick watt tells us there is a brand-new experiment that shows they can do something no one ever dreamed. >> reporter: we all know elephants are smart. they help each other out. they help us out. some say they mourn their dead, even cry. >> they have huge heads and the huge heads containing a big brain. >> reporter: but how creative are those big brains? >> we have to come up with a way to design it so the elephants could work together without destroying the apparatus in front of them. >> reporter: here it is in the forest of thailand. there's corn in those buckets. >> elephants are hungry all the time. >> reporter: the elephants must hold either end and pull together to drag the table closer so their trunks can reach their lunch. job done. and if you let one elephant go before her friend? >> this is wanalee on the right and jojo on the left and wanalee holds the rope quite steadily and doesn't pull until jojo arrives. >> reporter: she knows she needs to wait for jojo's help, not to
6:58 pm
dis my 2-year-old son but i'm not sure he'd get that. elephants understand what they're doing and that's what's amazing. they can think a problem through. that's neh-oon. she's 5 years old. >> she figured out very quickly, i just need to use my foot. >> reporter: she stands on the end while her buddy does the work. not shooed i'd get that. whoever called an elephant dumbo. >> these guys aren't dumb at all. >> reporter: smart enough to know how to work together and smart enough to know how to goof off. nick watt, abc news, london. >> i think you sell yourself short, nick, maybe your son too. thanks for watching. good to start the week with you. we are always on at be sure to watch "nightline" later tonight and we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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